Today on Inside Edition: Loose Tires Investigation; 10-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Kills Baby at Day Care

Inside Edition's investigation looked at how deadly a loose tire can be, and how to keep yourself from getting hurt.

A 10-year-old girl sobbed as she appeared in a Wisconsin court Monday accused of killing a baby at a day care run by her foster parents.

The girl, who has been charged as an adult, reportedly had a history of severe emotional problems. Inside Edition has more details on the heartbreaking case.

In Florida, another youngster stands accused in a grisly crime. Greg Ramos, 15, wore a blank expression as he appeared in court four days after authorities say he argued with his mother over a bad school grade and then strangled her.

Inside Edition's Megan Alexander spoke to Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood, who revealed the boy was enthusiastic he led authorities to her body. See more of her interview here.

Meanwhile, Lisa Guerrero investigated the danger of loose tires on the highway, and how they can be deadly. New York State Police Sgt. Joseph Perusse showed her what drivers need to be looking for, and how they can avoid becoming a danger.

And it's Election Day! On today's Inside Edition,see how female White House staffers joined President Trump in a bid to appeal to women voters.

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