Today on Inside Edition: Woman Gets Trapped in Bathtub; How to Stay Safe at Bus Stop

Inside Edition

Whitney Austin was shot 12 times when a gunman opened fire at a bank in September, killing three people.

Miraculously, she walked out alive. Now she's sharing her story with Inside Edition.

"I wanted to make sure that I could talk to my husband before I died, because at that moment in time I thought I was dying," said Austin. For more of her interview, click here.

In another dramatic video, passengers on a California bus were terrified when the driver took off in the wrong direction. Fearing they were being kidnapped, some jumped out of the moving vehicle in a desperate act that was caught on camera.

On Friday's show, Inside Edition's Les Trent spoke to a passenger who took footage of the terrifying ordeal. Hear what he said.

A woman who got stuck in her bathtub for five days revealed how she stayed alive, and how she was eventually found and rescued.

Also Friday, Alec Baldwin was arrested in New York City for allegedly punching a man over a parking space, and Ariana Grande apparently lashed out at her ex, Pete Davidson.

For more, watch Inside Edition. Check local listings here.


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