Toddler Who Parallel Parked Her Car on the Street Receives Cute 'Ticket'

Her mom said it was a kind gesture.

A Louisiana toddler received a ticket on her mini-car Thursday, but this one brought a smile. 

Covington police said an officer spotted the toy vehicle, a BMW, parallel parked on the side of the road in 3-year-old Kendyll’s neighborhood. It was "next to the big guy’s vehicles,” the department said on Facebook.

“They did what we do best, they went back to the office, typed up a note and returned to the vehicle and loaded it up with goodies and a nice little note,” the department’s post said.

"You did a great job parking, and we appreciate it!" the note read. "Keep up the good work!"

Police also filled the mini-car with goodies, including a teddy bear.

“When I first realized it was her car, I was very surprised because she wasn’t even home to see it and she was so excited about it,” Kendyll’s mom, Lakeitha Duncan, told "She told me, 'Momma bring me my car.’ But she is out of town on vacation with her grandmother."

Kendyll’s mom said she was struck by the officers' kindness.

“I think it's really nice the police in Covington interact with the community in a good way,” Duncan said. “It was a positive thing so I think it’s very cute and I loved it."