Tow Truck Flips Car With Driver Still Inside

Video shows the driver screaming for help.

An Ohio man is still in disbelief that as he was speaking to a cop following a fender bender in Cleveland, a tow truck operator started hooking up his car and it rolled over while he was inside. 

The driver, Cameron Jenkins, 23, was trapped in the upside-down car.

"Anybody would feel lucky to be alive after a situation like that,” he told Inside Edition. “I expect I was supposed to step out of the vehicle but I wasn’t told to nor was I aware that a tow truck driver was hooking my vehicle up."

The incident was caught on police body camera.

“Can we get EMS up here, radio? We had a car just flip off the tow truck. Male strapped inside right now,” the cop told dispatch following the incident earlier in the week. 

Eventually, authorities and EMS manage to free him and carry him to safety.

The police report quotes the tow truck operator saying he was about to tell the driver to get out of the car when there was a malfunction and "the boom just [kept] coming up."

"The tow truck driver tried to disengage the boom, it would not disengage,” it added. 

Tom Merriman is the victim's lawyer and spoke about the incident. 

"He just starts lifting him straight in the air, it is like he is at an amusement park ride," he told Inside Edition. 

The tow truck driver told police the buttons that operate the lift had been "sticking for a while."  

The tow truck company tells Inside Edition it was an equipment malfunction and they've taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.