Trump Reportedly Wanted to Rip Off Shirt to Reveal Superman Emblem on White House Balcony

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One week after President Donald Trump left the hospital for COVID-19 treatment, The New York Times is reporting that he contemplated ripping off his shirt to reveal a Superman costume during his appearance on the White House balcony. Instead, he appeared in front of supporters and took off his mask.

The New York Times reported he wanted to fake looking frail and then surprise everyone by tearing apart his shirt, revealing the Superman emblem.

Superman actor Dean Cain loved the idea, tweeting “It would have been unforgettable."

On Saturday, there were two band aids on the president’s hand, a common sign of IV fluids or medication. According to Trump’s doctor he is “no longer considered a transmission risk to others.” And the president believes he’s “immune.”

Trump is heading back out to the campaign trail Monday and will hold a large outdoor rally in Sanford, Florida. Local health officials there are nervous after a Trump rally in Minnesota on Sept. 18 sparked a COVID-19 cluster, resulting in at least nine Trump fans testing positive.


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