Victoria's Secret Hires 1st Plus-Size Model as Part of New Campaign With Bluebella

Ali Tate Cutler told Inside Edition it felt "totally unreal" to learn she gotten the gig.

This article has been updated for clarification.

Victoria's Secret has just hired its first plus-size model as part of a collaboration with Bluebella lingerie.

Ali Tate Cutler told Inside Edition it felt unreal to learn she gotten the gig. At a size 14, she wasn't sure she was what Victoria's Secret wanted. 

"I was just totally mindblown because I've never seen a size 14 girl in Victoria's Secret stores," she said.

But now, she gets to serve as an inspiration for young women like her.

"I definitely think that they're heading in the right direction with this," she said. "The average size of a woman in America is a size 14 and it's indicative of the people that they're selling to."

She added: "I'm picturing these young women walking through the store and seeing a woman that's my size," said Cutler. "It makes me think they're gonna be able to see themselves reflected in the clothing."