Virginia Man Says He Won $10 Million Lottery After Rain Kept Him From Mowing Lawn

Now he can pay someone to cut the grass.

A Virginia man credits mother nature and an abandoned day of landscaping with his $10 million lottery jackpot win. 

Charles Martin of Amelia Courthouse told the Virginia Lottery he got home from work on a recent evening and began to mow the lawn but had his efforts stopped short when it began to rain.

Martin instead put his lawn mower away and headed to his favorite convenience store, where he bought a few scratch-off lottery tickets. 

One of those tickets was called Extreme Millions.

“I scratched it and I about had a heart attack!” Martin said.

His ticket was $10 million winner. The staggering odds of winning that top prize are 1 in 2,937,600.

He took it to the store owner who scanned it and said, “Oh, it must be a good one because I can’t pay it!”

On September 12, Mr. Martin returned to the store to receive his check from the Virginia Lottery.

He had a choice of taking the full $10 million over 30 years or a one-time cash option of $6,570,302 before taxes.

He chose the cash option.