Visiting Horse Brings Great Joy to Senior Citizens Home

It was all smiles when the horse visited a senior citizens home.

A horse walked into a retirement home and brightened the faces of everyone living there.

"We have received so much positive feedback from residents and their families, who said the visit really lifted their spirits," Peter Jessing, the manager at Christadelphian Aged Care in Southhaven, Australia, told in a social media message. 

"Horses were such a big part of many of our residents' lives when they were growing up," he said. "So we thought they would love to see a horse again in real life."

Bushman, a 17-year-old specially trained therapy horse, clomped into the facility, much to the delight of the elderly folks who stroked the Appaloosa's nose and rubbed between his ears.

A video of the four-legged visitor posted to the Facebook page of Christadelphian Aged Care has drawn at least 2.3 million views.

"Someone please bring me a horse when I'm old," wrote poster Donna Ellis. "What an absolutely wonderful thing to do," posted Mick Ballard. 

Animal therapy is a regular part of the center's offerings. Rabbits, dogs, cats and birds also stop by. 

"It brings such joy to residents and helps start conversations about the past," Jessing said. "But we had never had a horse visit before.

"They're still talking about it now," he said.