Was the Loch Ness Monster Recently Captured on Drone Footage in Scotland?

Light cloud covers the sky above Loch Ness in Drumnadrochit, Scotland, on September 5, 2019
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Reports of “Loch Ness” Monster sightings date back hundreds of years.

Richard Mavor, known on YouTube as Richard Outdoors, posted footage from a recent charity canoe trip to Scotland's Loch Ness and shared his adventures with his followers.

But after looking closer at the video, he realized that his drone footage was more interesting than previously thought.

“The last thing I want to do is make a Nessie claim,” Richard Mavor said to The New York Post. “I’m the most skeptical of people. But watching this, I think yeah, there’s something a bit strange here.”

Discovered in his video was a creature over 20 feet long floating just beneath the water. And according to one commenter, it appeared to be the fabled “Loch Ness” Monster, known affectionally as "Nessie." 

“The more I watch it, I think, 'Crikey!'" Richard Mavor said. "There really wasn’t anything in the area that could be.”

“That’s what’s confused me,” he added. “It’s an inland water. You don’t get tidal debris like you do on the coast. Things do wash up, but nothing the size of this.”

Reports of “Loch Ness” Monster sightings date back hundreds of years, according to the New York Post. They add that the animal on Mavor’s footage also resembles a plesiosaur, a reptile sometimes associated with Nessie.

The long-necked creature roamed the seas 215 million to 80 million years ago, according to Britannica.

As for what was roaming the water during Mavor’s expedition? That's still to be determined.

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