What Are COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases? Instances of Vaccinated People Getting Coronavirus Are Rare, Experts Say

Erica Castillo was stricken with a severe case of coronavirus, even though she was vaccinated.

A Sacramento woman who caught the novel coronavirus is one example of several breakthrough cases of COVID-19 where an individual got sick, despite being fully vaccinated. Erica Castillo was stricken with a severe case of coronavirus, and she knows where she got it from.

“It was very scary,” Castillo told Inside Edition.

Castillo said she was at a bar in San Diego celebrating the Fourth of July when she contracted it. She said she was only in the bar for two hours, but began experiencing severe symptoms afterward. She said she had “Difficulty breathing, uncontrollable coughing.”

“I could not sleep for a week because I was coughing all night,” Castillo added.

Adam Rothman and his wife, who are both vaccinated, believe they caught the virus from their unvaccinated 10-year-old daughter. They said they would call what they had a mild case. Rothman said he received the Moderna vaccine, while his wife received Pfizer.

He said they had “very similar symptoms, very weird and uncanny and def[initely] unfortunate.”

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody also tested positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated, but her case was mild.

COVID-19 numbers are currently on the rise again in America with most new infections coming out of the unvaccinated communities.

Vaccinated people can still get sick with COVID-19 in breakthrough cases, but 99.5% of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. are from people who are not vaccinated, according to federal health officials.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stopped tracking mild COVID-19 breakthrough infections outside of ones that lead to hospitalization or death.

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