What Is Coronation Chicken? Recipe for the Dish Served at Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation 70 Years Ago

Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday.
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To celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, here is a proper way to make a dish served at her coronation.

“Coronation Chicken” may be the most famous dish in history and dates back nearly 70 years when Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne.

"Poulet Reine Elizabeth," as it was originally listed on the menu, was first served to 350 foreign dignitaries during her coronation banquet.

The country was still living under post-World War II food rations so the recipe needed to be simple and inexpensive.

As Great Britain celebrates the queen's Platinum Jubilee, Inside Edition whipped up the royal meal with the help of chef Franklin Becker.

The main ingredient is chicken, which he poaches for 8-10 minutes.

“Low temperature about 190 degrees so it never comes to a complete boil because that will make the chicken tough and chewy so I want it to be tender,” the chef said.

Let it rest then dice it up into bite-size pieces. Then it's time to whip-up the delicious curry cream sauce.

“We add a little bit of olive oil, just about a tablespoon or so directly to a hot pan. Then we add some onions and we're just going to cook these until they're translucent for about 2-3 minutes,” he said.

Add in some tomato paste and a dash of curry powder and let the flavors develop. Then add some brown sugar, a pinch of salt and a splash of red wine.

After the sauce base cools, in a large bowl combine with mayonnaise, pureed apricots for sweetness and dried apricots for texture.

Add in the diced chicken and mix it all up. Then serve with some bread or on a salad.

For the full recipe of how to make Coronation Chicken by Serious East, click HERE.

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