What This News Anchor Said to Viewer Who Didn't Like Her Pants

Maggie Vespa did not hold back.

A news anchor in Oregon had something to say to a viewer who didn't like her pants.

Maggie Vespa, who works at KGW-TV in Portland, said she received a Facebook message that said “dress like a normal woman” in regard to the fact that she often dons pants on the job.

“Just wanted to let you know that the clothes you've been wearing, especially those crazy pants that ride half way up your torso, are not cool looking, in any way! ... You're way too pretty to look so foolish,” the message also said.

Well, Vespa had something of her own to say – on air. She addressed the viewer as Jeffrey during the broadcast and showed the message he’d sent her.

“This is dumb," Vespa said of Jeffrey's message. "We know that. These are my pants. I like them. I bought them."

Vespa also showed five different pairs of high-waisted pants she wore for every show they had that weekend after Jeffrey's comments and she aired the looks during the segment addressing him.

Her colleagues also joined in on the fun and wore high-waisted pants.

Her message was clear: “Dress how you want, look how you want, and if anybody tries to make you feel less than because of that, that’s their problem.”