What You Need to Come Prepared for This Summer's 1st Concert

Summer concert
Getty Images

This is the moment we've all been waiting for. Here are a few ideas to help you prepare for your first concert of 2021.

Movie theatres are open, bottomless brunch is happening indoors, and concerts are coming back in full swing. That's right, the time has come! Your favorite musicians and artists are planning a comeback at some of your most beloved venues. 

Keep in mind that health guidelines are still being determined and many venues might require proof of vaccination and even proof of negative tests upon arrival. All state and federal health guidelines and recommendations will continue to be followed.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in April that the state will begin limited capacity gatherings. And on May 10, outdoor social gatherings were expanded to 500 people. In light of this, Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning a large-scale concert performance in Central Park as part of "Homecoming Week." The concert is set for Aug. 21.

Other performances are expected as well. Here is a list we've put together to help you come prepared to your first outdoor event this year. 

Camelback Hydrating Backpack


Get out, have fun, stay hydrated with this two-in-one hydration pack and carrier. Store easy essentials and two liters of water in this lightweight bag. You will never want to go on an outdoor adventure without this by your side.


Mini Pocket Handheld Fan


Nothing beats a cool breeze. But sometimes, the wind won't blow! Stay cool with this pocket-size handheld fan. Everyone in the crowd will be wishing they brought one, too. Easy-to-charge the fan with a USB cable and the battery can last up to 21 hours!


Silk Handheld Floral Holding Fan


Be stylishly prepared with this silk handheld floral fan. Whip out this colorful bamboo silk fan for a photo or when you need a bit of a cool-down. Easily stored, noise-free, and opened effortlessly with the flick of your wrist.

Foldable Picnic Blanket


There is no denying you will be on your dancing feet all day –– but keep this blanket stored away just in case you want to take a load off and people watch for a while. This portable water resistant picnic blanket is lightweight and soft for the babies to play and crawl across.

Sound Proof Ear Puffs For Toddlers


If you can't find a sitter to watch the babies, take them along! Buy sound-proof headphones for the young ones who might not be able to handle that bass. Features adjustable head straps that are padded with lightweight foam.

Baseball Cap 


Soak in the sun all you want –– but protect your scalp! A hat is the simplest way to protect yourself from overheating.