Why Does Queen Elizabeth Love Corgis?

Well, what's not to love?

Queen Elizabeth II has been in love with corgis since she was a small child.

So much so that she’s owned more than 30 of them since she became queen in 1952. 

Sadly, her last corgi, Willow, died this past April. Her bond with the dogs, however, is a long-lasting and beloved image associated with the royal family.

It’s understandable why Queen Elizabeth had such a love for corgis.

"Corgis are very loyal, affectionate, intellectual dogs," Eric Ho, a self-proclaimed corgi whisperer, told InsideEdition.com. "They are very high energy and require you to have an active personality."

King George bought the family a corgi when the queen was young. When she was 18, she got one of her own. 

"That corgi, which was a girl corgi, gave birth to two other corgis, and that was the start of her royal lineage of her corgi accumulation for the next 70 years," Ho said.

The queen is with her corgis very often and Ho explained why that's the case.

"When a corgi becomes very comfortable and close with their owner, it's almost as if they don't want to lose sight of their owner," he said.

Experts say having corgis has also given Queen Elizabeth an excuse to get outside between her daily meetings, as they have to be walked often.

"Besides growing up with them and owning them her whole life, they make great conversation starters," Ho added.