Why an Interview With the 'The Happy Medium' Brought Ann Mercogliano to Tears

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To mark Inside Edition's 30 seasons on the air, the correspondents are remembering their most memorable assignments for the show.

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For Ann Mercogliano, it's impossible to choose, but there are two stories that stick out in the two years she's been with the show.

One includes an investigation of hotels across the country to determine whether the bed sheets where changed properly. She would use a harmless fluorescent aerosol and spray it across a stencil on sheets. She would then check out of the room and check back into the same room the next day to see if the sheets were properly changed and cleaned. 

She uncovered that some of the hotels she went to were not changing their sheets between guests. 

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Another story that struck a chord with the reporter came while she was interviewing “The Happy Medium” Kim Russo. At the time, Mercogliano was four months pregnant, unbeknownst to her colleagues.

The medium felt a spirit of a baby girl in the room that was calling her “mommy.” As a result, Mercogliano revealed the secret on the air.