Why the Millionaire Co-Founder of Crossfit Bailed Out Her Accused Murderer Lover

Lauren Jenai, who is divorced, says she has no qualms about having an accused killer around her children.

An unlikely relationship involving a billionaire entrepreneur falling in love with a man on trial for murder are telling their story. 

Lauren Jenai is a mother of four and the multi-millionaire co-founder of the popular CrossFit empire. Her prince charming is Ty Tucker, an accused killer facing trial for first-degree murder. 

“He's not a murderer. I know him. He's not somebody who would do that kind of thing,” she told Inside Edition

The pair first met when they were teenagers in Philadelphia more than 30 years ago. 

“She was gorgeous,” Tucker told Inside Edition. He added that he had a crush on her. 

But their lives took very different directions. CrossFit is now worth $4 billion with 13,000 gyms across America. 

Three years ago, they reconnected on Facebook. But before they could meet, he was arrested for allegedly killing a man in what police say was a drug deal gone wrong.  

“I mean, I didn't do it,” Tucker told Inside Edition. 

Inside Edition cameras were rolling as Jenai came to his rescue this week. She marched into a Florida court with her four children to put a chunk of her fortune on the line, posting his $2 million bail. 

The couple was able to kiss for the first time. She said their first night together was “amazing.” 

“That's all I wanted coming out of that jail,” he added. “I just want to put her in my arms and hold her and that's it.”

“I got to keep pinching myself to believe I’m awake,” Jenai added. 

Jenai, who lives in Oregon, is renting a $3 million home in Key West because Tucker can't leave Florida. He is under house arrest and can't use the pool because of that ankle bracelet. 

The couple is also planning a wedding. 

Jenai said, “I really don't care what other people think” about her relationship with a man who is accused of murder. 

“I think the operative word here is accused,” he added. 

Jenai, who is divorced, says she has no qualms about having an accused killer around her children. The kids don't seem to mind either. 

“This is the person I want to be with me by my side for the rest of my life,” she added.