Woman Claims She Was Bullied and Groped by Texas Shooter in High School

Victoria Fillmore says Devin Kelley is the reason she dropped out of school.

As Devin Kelley was identified as the gunman who murdered 26 people during services at a Texas church Sunday, the image of the killer's face on the news brought back painful memories for Victoria Fillmore.

Fillmore told Inside Edition that Kelley was a vicious high school bully and bad to the bone.

“He was just sick,” she said. “He would make derogatory comments about me and my body he would catcall me in the hallways, laugh at me. Sometimes he would grope me on my chest and my behind and he would joke about it with his friends.” 

The daily bullying got so bad that she actually dropped out of school.

“We tried talking to the schools and we talked to the DA and they wouldn’t do anything,” she said of warning others about Kelley. 
After graduating high school, Kelley married single mom Tessa Loge and joined the Air Force. 

But in 2013, he was court-martialed for striking, choking and kicking his wife and striking his stepson on the head with a force likely to cause grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced to confinement for 12 months and issued a bad conduct discharge. 

He married his second wife, Danielle Shields, in 2014. They moved to a trailer park in Colorado Springs where he was accused of "beating" his pet husky “with both fists, punching it in the head and chest." He was fined $368. 

Last summer, he worked as a security guard at Schlitterbahn Waterpark near his home, but was fired after less than six weeks on the job. 

The killer's uncle, Dave Ivey, is the first member of Kelley's family member to speak out. 

"My nephew, he acted as a coward," Ivey said on a local radio show while fighting back tears. "He took a lot of innocent lives. I am sorry." 

Fillmore says there were plenty of warning signs that Kelley was a ticking time bomb.

“I feel so, so sick and angry because if someone had listened to me and all the other women he hurt, this could have been prevented,” she said.  

On Sunday, Kelley killed 26 people using an AR-15 rifle and later took his own life.