Woman Eats Half a Cake While Shopping at Walmart, Refuses to Pay Full Price at Checkout: Cops

A Wichita Falls woman ate half a cake before checking out at Walmart and demanded to pay half price.
A Texas woman ate half of a cake while shopping at Walmart. Before checking out, she asked if she could pay half price. Getty Images

Why pay full price for just half a cake?

That’s what one Texas woman seemed to wonder after, according to police, she finished eating half of a cake at a Wichita Falls Walmart bakery and arrived at the checkout line only to be told she would have to pay for the entire cake.

The woman allegedly told employees she found the cake in that condition and demanded to pay half price, the Wichita Falls Times Record News Reported. 

Store employees called police last Tuesday evening to report the theft, and police ordered her to pay full price.

She was not issued a citation but was later told by police she was banned from the store.

The same store banned another customer in January, who was reported to be drinking wine from a Pringles can for hours in the parking lot while in her electric wheelchair.


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