Woman Says She Was Kept on Scientology Cruise Ship Like a Prisoner

Former Scientologist Valeska Paris says she was ordered to join the ship's crew after her mother criticized the religion.

The church of Scientology's vessel "Freewinds" is a beautiful oceanliner, but one woman says it's more like a slave ship.

Former scientologist Valeska Paris said she was order to join the ship's crew after her mother criticized the religion. 

"I felt like a prisoner," Paris told Inside Edition. "I was supposed to go for two weeks and I ended up being there for over 11 years."

She claimed the crew's comings and goings were closely monitored.

"When the ship is docked, you have to go via the gangway to get off the ship and there's a big security guard there, which will stop you from getting off if you're not allowed to get off," she said.

Paris added that the impending arrival of Scientology leader David Miscavige triggered frantic preparations onboard. She said crew members would be up "until 4 in the morning" cleans and painting.

Paris said she was eventually excommunicated from the church.

A representative for Scientology told us Valeska Paris is a “liar who peddles false stories to the media.” They say she “loved her time” on the ship “as evidenced by numerous photos.”  Adding she voluntarily “left the ship hundreds of times alone and with others to go shopping” and other outings.