Woman Takes Trash Out and Is Attacked in Her Own Driveway

When her husband tried to save her from the attackers, they turned on him too.

A Stockton, California, homeowner was attacked by a mob in her own driveway and it was caught all on tape

Erin was punched, kicked and stomped on. When her husband, Joe, tried to save her, the assailants turned on him too. 

When the beating finally let up, the husband tended to his stricken wife.

Erin, a mother of four, said they were taking the garbage out at 11:30 p.m. Sunday when they saw two women arguing in the driveway and asked them to move away.

"Next thing I know I am being dragged into my driveway and being jumped and that is when it began,” Erin told Inside Edition, her body covered in bruises and eyes blackened. “It was horrible.” 

That's when the terrible rain of blows began. The mom tried to shield her head with her arms.

"I just remember seeing hands and bodies and fists at my face,” Erin said. 

Erin's injuries were so severe that her skull was fractured. There's still blood on the driveway.

“She was lying on the ground, there was blood covering her shirt,” Joe said. "My first reaction was to try and shield my wife. If I hadn’t shielded my wife, I don’t know what kind of condition she would be in.” 

Cops are asking for help identifying the attackers in the video