Woman Who Advertised ‘Elite Lux Life’ for Clients Accused of Scamming Ex-Wife of NBA Star Out of Nearly $2M

When Joumana Kidd, the ex-wife of NBA star Jason Kidd, hired Tracii Hutsona as her personal assistant, she says she didn't know Hutsona was a felon who had served time for identity theft.

A woman officials call a "serial con artist” is facing federal charges after Joumana Kidd, the actress and ex-wife of NBA star Jason Kidd, says she was scammed out of millions.

Tracii Hutsona boasted VIP concierge service with luxury travel, fast cars and multi-million dollar mansions. She and her husband advertised the good life for their clients through their company Elite Lux Life. They also had a YouTube channel showing off how they say they lived just like their rich clients.

Joumana says she hired Hutsona as her personal assistant and that for four years, Hutsona became like a member of her family. But Joumana says that she didn’t know Hutsona was actually a felon and had served time for identity theft. Federal agents say she stole Joumana’s identity and gained access to her bank accounts. 

When asked what angered her the most about what Hutsona allegedly spent the money on, Joumana said, “The leisurely stuff, you know what I mean? I mean, all of it angers me — but it’s the hotels and the airplane tickets and tickets for people I’ve never even heard of.”

Prosecutors say Hutsona stole more than $1 million, including $600,000 from Joumana’s children’s college fund.

“I was shaking. I could not believe that. I definitely think that she is a psychopath” Joumana said.

Hutsona has been charged with wire fraud and identity theft. She denies any wrongdoing. Her husband has not been charged.

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