Woman Who Knew Ted Bundy Says She Was 'Relieved' by His Execution: 'He Would Never Stop'

Marylynne Chino thought the serial killer would never stop taking lives.

A woman who knew Ted Bundy well is speaking out about her terrifying encounters with one of the most notorious killers in history.

"I will probably never forget looking at him for the first time in my life," Marylynne Chino told Inside Edition. "He was across the room and he had on a yellow shirt."

She added: "He sat down and that was the beginning of knowing Ted Bundy."

Chino was with her best friend Elizabeth Kloepfer the night they met Bundy in a Seattle bar. For Kloepfer, it was the start of a six-year love affair with Bundy. 

"She wanted to be married and have a family," Chino said. "And she wanted to marry Ted."

It wasn't too long before they suspected Bundy of a series of murders in the area. 

"He'd leave in the middle of the night when he was with Liz," Chino said. "Well if somebody was at my house and they left and came back, I'd certainly question that! What are you going out in the middle of the night for?"

The clincher was when a police sketch that looked just like Bundy appeared in a local newspaper. 

"She came down and threw this picture and it was one of the composites," Chino recalled. "She said, 'Who do you think that is?' and I said, 'Well it's Ted. Why?' and then she burst into tears."

Chino said they reported their fears to police, but were ignored. 

"They didn't make a big deal of it because they'd had about 500 calls of people saying stuff like that," she said.

Chino remembered one night when she got a ride home from Bundy. 

"I could have gotten an Academy Award for being in the car with him that day," she said. "He took me home and I was just relieved. I don't think I ever got in the car with him again."

Though Bundy was eventually arrested and executed, for Chino, the trauma still feels fresh.

"I was relieved," she said of the moment he was executed. "Completely relieved because I knew in my heart of hearts that he would never stop killing people."