Woman Who Traveled Nearly 3 Hours to Work Gifted Car by Co-Workers

Playing Cleaning Woman Cries After She's Surprised With Car Gift From Employers

When a Tennessee woman's co-workers realized she spent nearly three hours commuting to work each day, they rewarded her dedication with a car to make traveling easier.

In an emotional video, Linda Walton cried tears of joy Friday as her boss, Krissy Marcellini Tammaro, presented her with a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix.

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“Now you don’t have to worry about it,” Marcellini Tammaro said. 

Employees of Pristine Clean and Organizational Services pitched in to pay for the vehicle, the first month of car insurance and money for gas.

“You have to be that dedicated to ride a bus for two hours and then walk 40 min,” Marcellini Tammaro told InsideEdition.com. “She is a great human being.”

Walton has worked for the company for two months and has never missed a day. 

“I had to depend on other people or get up early to catch the bus," Walton said. "It was a daily struggle. They knew but they didn’t because I didn’t complain."

That was until Walton’s ride home didn’t show up one day and another employee took her home and realized just how far Walton’s journey was. The team then decided to buy her a car.

“If you were to know Miss Linda, you would want to do this for her. She has a huge heart,” Marcellini Tammaro said. “The determination she has to come to work — who wouldn’t want to reward someone like that?”

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Marcellini Tammaro said Walton’s smile was all the thank you they needed. 

“All my prayers were answered," Walton said. "I prayed the night before I couldn’t get a ride to work... I asked God to fix my transportation problems — I know it was him."