Your Cats Are Misbehaving Because They're Tired of Being at Home With You All Day, Experts Say

"We're on top of each other 24/7, they're not used to it."

Cats just want some peace and quiet — but they can't get it when you're at home all day long. According to some experts, they've had enough, and have been acting out because of it. 

"Our cat does not like the fact that we're all home quarantined," said one cat owner. "She's like, why are you all in my house?"

Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and host of Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," said he has been inundated with pleas for help since the pandemic began.

"I think there's humans who are just unduly stressed out and there are cats who are unduly stressed out and it's coming together, you know?" Galaxy said.

Although he can't make house calls, for his new special, he's been doing virtual visits with people from his home office. It's also safer that way, considering all the cats going wild these days.

"We're on top of each other 24/7; they're not used to it," Galaxy said. "They're not cool with it. Cats stop using the litter box or suddenly they were acting out. They were scratching people, they were starting fights with the other cats."

Like the rest of us, cats can't wait for life to get back normal, so people can return to the office and cats can have the house all to themselves — just the way they like it.