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Watch 'Bordeaux Bandit' Wrestle Over Expensive Bottle of Wine With Store Manager

Playing Watch 'Bordeaux Bandit' Wrestle Over Expensive Bottle of Wine With Store Manager

A man has been dubbed the "Bordeaux Bandit" for allegedly shoplifting very expensive bottles of wine in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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Surveillance footage allegedly shows Scott DeLuca, 25, taking Bordeaux worth $5,000 from a restaurant’s private wine collection.

He was arrested in Rhode Island on a bail violation charge stemming from an unrelated case. He is also being charged with being a fugitive from justice.

A liquor store manager in Connecticut, Laurie Kablik, says her antenna was up when DeLuca asked for a rare wine.

“I unwrapped it... but then he turned around and I got a bad feeling,” she told INSIDE EDITION. “I stopped him and he said he had nothing under his shirt and then I touched him and felt the bottle and that's when we started to wrestle with him.”

DeLuca managed to slip away.

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At a wine store in New York, manager Truly Hardy showed IE just how pricey wines can get; bottles range from $5,000 to $15,000.

While DeLuca may have expensive taste in wine, cops say his method was anything but sophisticated -- he would find the bottle and stuff it down his pants and take off.

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