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Woman Hilariously Falls Flat On Her Butt Live on 'The Price is Right'

Playing Woman Hilariously Falls Flat On Her Butt Live on 'The Price is Right'

A Price is Right contestant took a quick trip to the floor after she fell during her spin at the wheel.

The Drew Carey-themed nails that she wore for the show may have caused her hand to slip, but thankfully the host helped her back up to her feet.

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“You are going to break one of your fancy nails!" he said.

Renee will probably be able to live down her flub, but another game show contestant this week may not be so lucky.

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In a hilarious moment on Tuesday, a "Wheel of Fortune" contestant named Kevin was one letter away from solving a pretty simple puzzle when he added a PG-13 spin to the title of a Tennessee Williams classic.

With "A Streetcar Na_ed Desire" on the board, Kevin instead guessed “k” as the missing letter.

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