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Mom Tries - and Fails - to Wake Teen Who Fell Asleep Inside Locked Car

Playing Mom Tries - and Fails - to Wake Teen Who Fell Asleep Inside Locked Car

After this Utah teenager dozed off in her mom's locked car, nothing could rouse her from her slumber.

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A video shows the hilarious efforts by Alicia Johnson to wake her 13-year-old daughter, Savannah, after she fell asleep inside her car during a recent trip to a Walmart in Lindon.

Johnson had left her daughter in the car with the keys so the teen could listen to music while she shopped inside.

When mom came back she found her daughter out like a light with the door locked. She tried everything from knocking on the window to getting people to blare car horns, and even called police.

For 30 solid minutes, Savannah was totally oblivious to what was happening.

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An officer used a special tool to get the door open and Savannah finally woke up.

“I was like 'what happened? Did somebody break in?'” she told Inside Edition.

Savannah seems to have a history of falling asleep at awkward moments as family photos suggest. She once even dozed off eating a bag of Cheetos.

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