1-Year-Old In Wheelchair Is Awestruck by Ad Showing Another Child Just Like Him

His mother said the moment was so heartwarming she had to capture it.

A one-year-old boy in a wheelchair was awestruck at an Arizona target when he saw an ad with a child in it who looked just like him. 

Ollie was with his mother, Demi Garza-Pena, when he was stopped in his tracks.

"He has never seen another child in a wheelchair before," Garza-Pena told InsideEdition.com. "He has seen a couple adults in chairs, but never a child, so it was nice to see him stop and look up."

Garza-Pena said Ollie was all smiles

"I couldn't break his attention for a couple seconds until I was able to explain to him that it was another kid in a little chair just like him, and he got really excited," she added. "It was just a really beautiful moment."

She said the moment was so heartwarming that she had to capture it. So, she snapped a photo, posted it to Facebook, and it went viral.

Ollie was born with a condition called Caudle Regression Syndrome, which caused his spine and legs to not fully develop. But Ollie still “lives a typical life," she said.

He’s been riding in his wheelchair since he was six months old and he’s got it mastered. 

"He absolutely loves his chair," Garza-Pena said. "When he's in it, you can see he's this strong, powerful, fearless little boy."

The mom hopes by sharing the image, people will understand how important it is for kids to have representation.

"People feel the same way we do about how important this is for children like him to have a role model in the community," Garza-Pena said. "You just want to go through the grocery store and see somebody like you."