Dad Builds Wheelchair-Accessible Igloo for His Children With Special Needs

The dad made sure to include all of his children in the fun.
Gregg Eichhorn

The father wanted to make sure his kids could take part in the winter fun.

An Ohio dad wanted to make sure his special needs children had the chance to have fun in the snow this winter so he built a wheelchair-accessible igloo. 

Gregg Eichhorn, of Cincinnati, adopted nine children, eight whom have specials needs, with his wife. He wanted to build an icy fort that his son and daughter, who are in wheelchairs, could play in too.

“Our family is very inclusive,” Gregg told “We try to include all of our kids when it’s possible. I just decided we would build it that way.”

Gregg built it together with his family. And 11-year-old Elijah, who had a traumatic birth, and 19-year-old Zahara, who has cerebral palsy, were excited to play in the fort in their backyard. 

“Zahara was just super happy. That’s how she is,” Gregg said. “She seemed pretty excited to go out and see.”

The fort includes a mini igloo and even has a snowball deck.

Gregg's friend posted a photo of the fort to Reddit, where it received a lot of attention. 

“A+ dad,” one commenter wrote. 

Another person commented, “Talk about making a difference. When you do things like adopt kids with special needs and adapt everyday joys for them to experience, you create such a legacy. Truly amazing family.”