Mom Discovers Her 2 Young Adopted Children Are Biologically Related

“They were meant to find each other, of that I’m sure,” said mom Katie Page.
“They were meant to find each other, of that I’m sure,” said mom Katie Page.(Katie Page)

A DNA test confirmed her theory.

Grayson, 2, and Hannah, 1, are siblings by adoption, but after a long journey uncovering the mystery of their birth, their Colorado mother discovered they were also biologically siblings.

“They were meant to find each other, of that I’m sure,” Katie Page, who adopted them both when they were just newborns, told

She explained growing up in Alabama, she always imagined herself being a mother. But when she had trouble conceiving during her marriage, then going through a divorce in her early 30s, she decided to become a foster parent.

Her application was finalized on Mother’s Day 2016, and she opened her doors to several short-term placements.

When her caseworker asked if she was interested in fostering to adopt a baby boy born with drug exposure, she made a quick decision to pick him up from the hospital just hours later.

“I fell in love the moment I saw him and held him in my arms,” she explained. “Welcoming a brand new baby boy into my home with less than a day’s notice was scary but the best I have ever chosen.”

She said she was told by adoption workers that the boy’s birth mom left the hospital shortly after giving birth and left false information behind so she could never be found.

Page named the newborn Grayson, and finalized his adoption on May 25, 2017.

“He is beautiful inside and out,” Page said. “He attracts people to him everywhere we go with his sweet smile and calm nature.”

She took a break from fostering for several months as she and Grayson adjusted to their new life together, but when a caseworker called her once again out of the blue months later with another newborn, Page felt a strange calling to agree to take on another baby.

The days-old girl, named Hannah, was born in the same hospital as Grayson, with the same drug exposure and medical complications. Even though the listed name for Grayson’s biological mother didn’t lead to anyone, the name listed for the baby girl was the same, as was the mother’s date of birth.

“I started having strong suspicions that Grayson had siblings the day I accepted the baby girl into my home,” she explained. “I knew something was special about this little girl and that she might be a link to his family that we thought we would never know when I adopted him less than two weeks before.”

Hannah’s mother was interested in visits, and while Page held back information about her son Grayson, an initial conversation with the birth mother seemed to fill in additional pieces of the puzzle.

A DNA test done between Grayson and Hannah ultimately revealed the pair are biologically siblings.

“I was devastated for Grayson that he had just been left at the hospital with no information about his family and who he was,” Page said. “To have this little girl help us unravel huge pieces of the puzzle about his life and change his story forever was a huge blessing.”

She said it was even more special that they were placed in the same home, as she understands the significance of understanding one’s birth story.

“The love between them is amazing and they deserved to stay together,” Page said. “I felt God clearly brought them together for a reason despite all the odds that could have kept them apart forever.”

Page is now preparing to adopt their 5-month-old younger sibling this year.