Black Mom Helps Woman Learn to Style Her Adopted Daughter's Hair

Stephanie Hollifield was more than grateful when Monica Hunter stepped up to help with her adopted daughter's hair.

The pair met on social media.

An Ohio mother was more than grateful when a woman offered to teach her how to style her African-American daughter’s hair. 

Stephanie Hollifield, founder of Momstrosity, put out a plea to social media for tips on how to handle her 2-year-old adopted daughter’s tresses and another mother, Monica Hunter, stepped up to help out. 

“Dear Black Friends of Social Media This clueless white momma is humbly coming to you to ask your help with Haley’s hair,” Hollifield wrote alongside a picture of her daughter Haley. 

Someone tagged Hunter, a mother of three, in the post and the mom offered to come over and show Hollifield some tips.

“A lot of our black friends told us at the beginning, hair is a big thing, so we really wanted to do the right thing and get it right,” Hollifield said.

Hollifield said she’d been leaving Haley’s hair out in an afro most of the time, but it would get dry.

“I had taken her to hairdressers. They had fixed her hair and looked great, but no one had showed me how to do it,” Hollifield said. “I had no idea I could do protective styles myself.”

That was until Hunter stepped in. She came over, did Haley’s hair and showed Hollifield how she could maintain it.

“Haley was very open to me from the beginning,” Hunter said. “I asked her if I could comb her hair and she sat on my lap. She helped and she was holding to the comb.”

Hollified said the toddler loved her new hairstyle.

“After she kept touching her hair and saying, 'It’s so cute, my hair is so cute,'” the mom said.

Hollified said she has had an easier time since Hunter offered her help and has been styling Haley’s hair in protective styles twice a week now.

“My husband is learning how to do it,” Hollifield said. “I still mess up a lot.”