Teen Celebrates Being Discharged From Hospital With Floss-Off Dance Challenge

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A 16-year-old Georgia teen celebrated the end of a two-week hospital stay by going up against his physician's assistant in a floss-off dance challenge. 

High school student Hunter Keith was the hands-down winner.

Flossing, the insanely popular dance move punctuated by swinging stiff arms, has exploded on social media. 

So what's a big kid to do when he finally gets sprung from a children's hospital in Atlanta? Copy the latest craze, of course.

Keith was rushed to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in December after his appendix burst. "I told my mom that I didn't feel too good," he said.

He ended up spending 13 days in the hospital after developing an infection and an abscess. During that time, he had shown staff video of himself doing the floss. Kami Gudger, his physician's assistant, told him, "I can do that dance."

So they scheduled a dance competition. "This provided a good distraction for Hunter, and something to look forward to," she said. Also, it helped "take his mind off of everything that was happening to him."

And on Jan. 10, his last day, they flossed off, with Hunter being the clear winner. "I'll have to practice my flossing and step up my game next time," she said. 


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