Firefighters Do 'Backpack Kid' Dance to Entertain Schoolchildren During False Alarm

"The children responded like they were at a pop concert," one firefighter joked.

Who knew firefighters had such funky moves?

Some fun-loving firefighters busted out the “floss," or the "Backpack Kid dance" during an appearance for students at Gomersal Primary School in England.

“The children responded like they were at a pop concert,” joked firefighter David Burke, who shot video of the performance for Caters News.

Burke explained their department, Blue Watch of the West Yorkshire Fire Service, were called to the elementary school when the alarm went off Friday.

“We sent some of the crew inside to check the smoke alarms and see what had happened," he explained. "Luckily, it was only a false alarm. One of the teachers had been cooking pancakes."

The kids, however, appeared to love the impromptu dancing.

They were already playing outside when the firefighters arrived, and burst into cheers when they spotted the men in uniform.

Caught up in the excitement, some of the firefighters started performing the viral dance move at the top of the hill.

The crowd responded with even louder cheers, and even doubled the fun by “flossing” themselves.

"The kids were excited to see firefighters anyway, and as it was the last day of term, flossing for them was a lovely way to end their week," Burke said.