Reluctant Usher at Houston Rockets Game Wows the Crowd With His Superb Dance Skills

He didn't appear to want to dance at first, but then exhibited some moves that left spectators stunned.

The Houston Rockets have been on fire all season but it wasn’t superstars James Harden or Chris Paul who had people talking during Wednesday night’s basketball game — it was an arena usher. 

When the dance cam at Toyota Center first landed on the uniformed usher, he appeared reluctant.

When the camera came to him a second time, he busted out a series of impressive dance moves, including the arm swing dance made famous by the teen known as "Backpack Kid," who joined Katy Perry on "Saturday Night Live" last year. 

The crowd loved it and called for more.

The usher was not about to disappoint during an encore, so when the camera panned to him again, he successfully landed a back flip as the crowd roared in approval. 

He tried to be modest about his dancing skills, but soaked it all in as he was approached by at least one fan eager for a high-five.