Katy Perry Bashed Online for Her 'Flirty' Behavior on 'American Idol'

Some viewers have expressed concern in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Many viewers of American Idol are going after Katy Perry on social media for what they say is blatant flirting with male contestants.

One 18-year-old performer, Jonny Brenns, blushed Sunday as the pop star swooned over him.

“Eighteen-year-old girls would eat this up if a 32-year-old cougar would eat it up," she said.

That prompted fellow Idol judge Lionel Richie to ask her to stop flirting. 

"'American Idol' Treats Katy Perry's Flirting As A Joke. Some Viewers Aren't Amused,” reads a Washington Post headline.

Newsweek has posed the question of whether Perry’s boy-crazy antics are "Killing 'American Idol' Ratings."

In the age of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, some viewers are expressing concern.

"If the genders were reversed, and a famous guy was hitting on a girl, people would be outraged,” read one tweet.

"So Katy Perry basically sexually assaulted someone on American Idol. If the genders were reversed, not only would there have been a firing, but perhaps an arrest as well," another viewer tweeted. "Just think of a female contestant saying this about a celebrity judge kissing her."

Others have told Perry’s critics to lighten up. 

With many of the male contestants, the “I Kissed a Girl” singer has complimented their looks more than their talents. 

Perry’s biggest flirt came when she sneaked a kiss with Benjamin Glaze during Idol's premiere episode. It was his first kiss, but he later told Inside Edition he didn't mind it.

During a recent appearance on an Australian morning talk show, Bryan defended her. 

"I gotta back Katy on that," he said. "She's in there working hard and making fun TV."