Goalie Does 'Backpack Kid' Dance as Her Hockey Team Challenges Opponents to Dance-Off

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No matter how high tensions are in competition, there’s always time for a dance-off.

A hockey goalie paused her goaltending duties to borrow moves from “Backpack Kid” during an all-star game for Russia’s Women’s Hockey League in Kazakhstan Thursday.

The East Team took to the ice in the second intermission, challenging their opponents to a dance battle by performing a routine set to a traditional Kazakh hit, “Kara Jorga (Кара́ жорга́)”.

The Backpack Kid himself — 15-year-old Russell Horning — showed Inside Edition how to do his signature move after he gained fame alongside Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live last year.

The West Team responded in the locker room, where they performed their own routine to a pop song, “Malo Polovin (Мало Половин),” by Russian singer Olga Buzova.

While it’s unclear who won the dance-off, the East Team proved themselves champions of the ice in a 3-2 victory.


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