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10 Travel Accessories for Summer 2021 Adventures

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A list of traveling accessories you won't want to forget when you're stepping on that plane.

You're about to set off for your first trip of the year, hooray! Maybe you are setting out for the mountains on a camping trip or you're going to the crystal blue waters on the coast of Greece. As you're packing, make sure you've gone through everything on your list before you get on that plane, car, or train. 

We've compiled a useful laundry list of essential travel items, saving you the trouble of having to do so!

Duffel Bag


With a separate shoe compartment, removable padding shoulder strap and plenty of storage space –– this duffel bag will help you get there.

Pullover Hoodie


Sometimes, we are so preoccupied planning out our daytime and dinner outfits that we forget perhaps the most important item for our trip: the travel hoodie. This pullover will be perfect for any chilly train or plane where the air conditioner is cranked high.

Beauty Travel Kit


Airport security can be a hassle. Don't be the person pouring out bottles of shampoo and facewash in the middle of the TSA line for the sake of meeting the 3.4 oz. requirement. Instead, measure it all out at home so you can slide through the security line. Everyone will be wishing they were as prepared as you.

Vaccine Card Holder


This is the first time in our lives we've had to carry a vaccination card around. But it is important to keep your card close to you! A vaccination card holder will make sure the piece of paper doesn't get crumped and wet. TSA will certainly be tipping their hats off to you.

Skincare Pillow Spray

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Let's face it, traveling causes breakouts. And we can all agree, there is nothing worse than travel acne! Keep this lavender pillow spray close by so that you can soothe your face after a stressful day of airport lines and car rides.

Compression Socks


Keep a few pairs in your duffel bag; you will be glad you had them. Compression socks can help with uncomfortable swelling that sometimes happens when you're stuck in a chair for an extended period of time. Healthline writes that compression socks are even becoming a popular method to prevent that post-flight swelling.



Do we really have to explain why there's no such thing as too much hand sanitizer? Stock up and keep a bottle in every travel bag you own! 

Silk Sleep Mask


Get a good night's rest –– or a good flight's rest –– and block out all of the background noise with this silk sleep mask. OK, you might still hear the babies crying, but you'll be able to drift off into a more peaceful sleep.



There is nothing like a pair of comfortable, breathable shoes for those long waits in TSA pre-check. Get yourself Allbirds –– they're easy to slip on, slip off, and will hopefully help you get there on time.

Water Bottle


Stay hydrated! Less plastic! Those should be the number one and two rules of traveling. Keep a water bottle around so you can fill it up wherever you are on-the-go and save the planet along the way.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow


Last but not least, give your neck a break –– and sit back and relax with this memory foam travel pillow. Your dreams of the beach will soon become reality.