10-Year-Old Brings Doughnuts to Las Vegas Cops After Mass Shooting

He is on a mission to give a doughnut to every cop in America.

A 10-year-old Florida boy who has been traveling across the country giving doughnuts to cops to thank them their service has stopped in Las Vegas after the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Tyler Carach made the stop as part of a two-week road trip for his 10th birthday. He met Las Vegas police officers at the Mandalay Bay Hotel to thank them for their heroism during the Oct. 1 tragedy. 

“It makes me happy,” Tyler said. “I get to thank the person that keeps my family safe.”

The 10-year-old hopes to eventually buy a doughnut for every cop in America, and he is on his way. 

Tyler has visited 24 states in 14 months and has handed out 34,000 doughnuts.

He began his mission earlier this year in his hometown of Bratt, Fla., when he bought doughnuts for officers in a local store with his own money.

After Tyler’s mother, Sheena Carach explained to him that cops have a “really hard time,” the 10-year-old set out on his mission.

“It makes me [proud] for wearing this uniform,” said Houston officer Thomas Wozniak. “To see this little boy give so much support and love, that’s awesome.”

Tyler also visited Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Carach said she’ll continue to encourage her son’s dream.

“If you breath good into the world, if you speak good into the world, if you do good into the world, it does come back to you,” Carach said.