10-Year-Old Girl From Idaho Dies After a Rock Crashed Through Car Windshield

10-Year-Old Kambrie Horsley
Horsley Funeral Homes

Kambrie Horsley was riding in her father's vehicle when the incident happened.

Kambrie Horsley from Malad City, Idaho, was tragically killed after an accident this week.

As the Idaho State Journal explains, the 10-year-old was sitting in the passenger seat of her father’s car when a four-inch rock crashed through the windshield and hit her in the head.

“The rock had been dislodged from the roadway and shot at the Horsleys’ vehicle by a semi driving along the same road,” the outlet explains.

Kambrie was rushed to Oneida County Hospital by her father, who is actually the Oneida County coroner. She was later pronounced dead on July 26.

“Words cannot describe the shock and sadness that we all feel,” her obituary reads. “We will miss her terribly, but we find peace knowing she is with her Father in Heaven and those family members beyond the veil.”

“Our hearts are broken but, we know she would want us to celebrate the wonderful life we had with her. Every day was a gift, and we can’t wait until we are reunited with our sweet, spunky, happy, driven little angel.”

The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office located the truck driver and investigated the crash, but they confirmed no wrongdoing was involved.

Kambrie Horsley is survived by her parents Brad & Kristen and her five siblings, Kyler, Hallie, Ethan, Blakely and Jordyn.

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