10-Year-Old Makes History as Youngest to Climb El Capitan

Selah Schneiter spent five days scaling the 3,000-foot rock wall with her father documenting the entire journey.

A 10-year-old has made history by becoming the youngest ever to climb El Capitan at Yosemite National Park.

Selah Schneiter spent five days scaling the 3,000-foot-high rock wall with her dad documenting the entire journey.

Conquering El Capitan is an extraordinary feat, even for the most experienced climbers.  

Selah, who lives in Colorado, used a safety harness. Her parents are also climbers.

She told Inside Edition she was "excited and overwhelmed" after finishing the climb. Selah said at times she was tired and sore, but nothing was going to stop her from accomplishing her mission.

"Usually I take deep breaths and think about what it means to me and what does this climb mean to me," she said of her mantra that kept her going. 

Her parents, Mike and Joy, are in awe.

"I am really proud of Selah for accomplishing that," her mom said. 

Selah said pizza was the one thing she missed most on her weeklong trek.