March Madness: How This Man Picked a Near Perfect Bracket

March Madness has a lot of people in tears, but not anchorman Blaine Stewart.

Tears tell the tale as March Madness grips the nation.

You'll recall how Georgia State Coach Ron Hunter won our hearts when he literally fell to the floor after his son, R.J., hit a miraculous game-winning shot to upset heavily favored Baylor.

And the beloved coach is wowing us again in defeat as he broke down crying while expressing his love for his son after a loss to Xavier on Saturday night.

He said, "I love this kid, man. I love him!"

A piccolo player's tear-stained face said it all. She was with the Villanova marching band, playing for the last time as her top-seeded team was knocked out of the tournament by North Carolina State!

The musician spoke to Good Morning America on Monday and said, "I'm a senior, and it was hitting me that I wasn't going to be playing the song again for the team."

The rash of upset victories has wreaked havoc with everyone's brackets. Just 14 out of 11 million brackets on record with ESPN, have correctly selected the sixteen remaining March Madness teams known as "The Sweet Sixteen!"

However, hats off to anchorman Blaine Stewart with WTKR in Norfolk, Virginia. In the midst of the March Madness upsets, he's managed to pick 13 out of the 16 remaining teams!

He told INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander, "I know little to nothing about basketball!"

She asked, "What's the formula for filling out your bracket?"

He replied, "Sometimes teams have pretty uniforms, so I pick those. I pick the teams with the best looking players. You throw all that together and somehow it works!"

It's enough to make sports fans cry.