Couple Crossed Paths As Kids 27 Years Ago On Vacation

It was all caught on home video.

The year was 1988 and a proud dad was shooting a home video of his three little girls at a water park in Pennsylvania.

In the video, mom can be seen as well as a kid with glasses who wandered into the shot and just as suddenly disappeared.

Fast forward 27 years and that boy is now happily married to one of the girls!

Jourdan was ten years old. She lived 33 miles from where 13-year-old Ryan was growing up.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent interviewed the couple. He said, "You weren't neighbors, you didn't know each other, you didn't live anywhere near each other."

The couple confirmed, "Nope."

On that hot July day at the Sesame Place Amusement Park, Jourdan was going down a water slide when Ryan came within a few feet of her mother and sisters. Then, everyone went their separate ways.

The years passed, as fate would have it, in 2004, Jourdan and Ryan were set up on a blind date. They clicked. One day, Jourdan showed the home video to her boyfriend.

Jourdan said, "I think he was, like, annoyed, too, that I wanted to watch another home video."

Then, Ryan spotted the kid in glasses.

Ryan commented, saying, "I said 'Oh my God' that's me."

Les Trent asked, "You looked at pictures of you from this age and that's what you looked like?"

Ryan responded, "That's what I looked like, unfortunately!"

Les, "You're an accountant, right? You work with numbers, what are the statistical odds that you two would've met?"

Ryan replied, "Astronomical."

Jourdan and Ryan Spencer were married in 2007. They now have three kids, and she sees that magical moment from long ago as proof that they were meant to be.