Murder Suspect Heather Mack Plans To Raise Baby In Prison

The baby is just a few days old.

It's the world's first glimpse of the baby born to an American teen who is facing a firing squad for allegedly murdering her mother.

Chicago heiress Heather Mack cradled the newborn in her arms as she was taken from a hospital in the island paradise of Bali where she had just given birth.

Like new moms everywhere, 19-year-old Mack left the hospital in a wheelchair. She covered herself and her six-day-old daughter, Stella, with a shawl.

Mack comforted the baby as they waited to leave. Then, she was driven straight back to jail.

As she was getting out of the car, the little girl's head was plainly visible.

Mack and her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, were accused of killing her mother while all three were on vacation in the paradise island. Cops say they stuffed the body inside a suitcase.

Mack reportedly intends to raise the child in her cell, as she awaits the outcome of the murder charge -  which she could face death by firing squad.