'I'm Drunk Bro': Crazy Video Shows Driver Crash Into Horrified Woman's Car

This guy really laid into the driver.

There was a terrible head-on collision caught on tape.

It happened in DeKalb, Illinois, as a driver left a restaurant, clearly drunk according to witnesses.

Patrons claim they warned him not to get behind the wheel. He should have listened. As he pulled out of the parking lot, he made a right turn, and then sure enough, veered straight into the oncoming lane.  

There was a crunch of metal as he collided head-on with another car.

Ryan Taylor shot cell phone video of the incident. He ran out of the restaurant and confronted the driver.

Taylor told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "A couple people tried to convince him not to drive. He was extremely intoxicated, so, he didn't listen."

In Taylor’s video, he screamed at the driver and said, “You stupid drunk [expletive]. I got that on [expletive] camera too. You drunk [expletive].”

The driver replied, “Hey, I’m drunk, bro!”

The driver in the other car was really shaken but spared from serious injuries thanks to the air bags.

Taylor asked the other driver, “Are you okay? I think you're okay. You're just a little shook up.”

Trent asked, "What is your reaction when your taping this guy driving, and bam! He runs into somebody?"

Taylor replied, "I was blown away to be honest. As soon as he exited the parking lot, he looked very impaired. You could almost hear the tires squealing."

The driver was identified as 43-year-old Samuel Salas. When he gave his field sobriety test he could barely walk.

Taylor told Trent, "This guy was obviously failing miserably in his field sobriety test."

Salas was charged with driving drunk.

The passenger in his car was treated for minor injuries. They're all lucky to be alive.