Watch This Dog Who Was Left For Dead Make A Miracle Recovery

"Though Jordan lost his leg, he never lost hope."

This is the most heartwarming story you will hear all day.

A puppy was “brutalized and thrown 30 feet” into a Los Angeles canal and left to die.

Eldad Hagar, the founder an animal rescue group Hope for Paws, rushed to the scene after he was alerted by homeless assistance organization LA on Cloud 9. When he found the pup it was in bad shape. Shivering on a potato chip bag and missing a leg, Hagar could see the dog was in severe pain.

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Hagar, who filmed the rescue, rushed the dog he named Jordan to an animal hospital. Doctors saw that Jordan was suffering from bacterial infections, mange, and malnutrition. Doctors told Hagar that it was “a miracle” that Jordan was still alive.

Before any type of surgery could be done on his severed leg, Jordan needed to build up his strength. It took several days before he could have the procedure, but when he did, Jordan was about as new.

Jordan now lives with a foster family and continues physical therapy to build up his strength even more, while he searches for a permanent home.

His incredible recovery is a testament to the will to survive. As the video points out, “Though Jordan lost his leg, he never lost hope.”

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