This Crazy City is Now the Top Spring Break Spot

Hot tub parties, dancing in pools, and bars that never close.

It's spring break in Vegas, baby!

Thousands of college students are turning Sin City into party city and INSIDE EDITION was there for all the action.

Many students are skipping traditional spring break locations like Miami Beach, Panama City, and Cancun, for a getaway in Vegas.

Both Orbitz and Expedia say Vegas is now the No. 1 city in America for spring breakers.

The reason why? Cheap hotel rooms that average $115-per-night.

INSIDE EDITION met a group of girls who came all the way from Florida and a group of guys from West Virginia. Why did they come west?

One of the guys told us, “I’ve never been here and it's Sin City.”
Party central is the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which is aptly named Rehab and it can squeeze in over 7,500 people on the deck and in the water.    

The Hard Rock's Assistant Manager Gary Scott says it's ok if the kids want to party hearty.
He said, “We want them to have a great time so we don't hold back too much.”

The party doesn't stop when the sun sets. Many of the spring breakers head to Downtown Las Vegas and the famed Fremont Street.

Nineteen-year-old Taylor from Wisconsin is too young to legally drink but she's having fun nevertheless.

She said, “All the lights, the partying, the people watching.”

The kids are back to classes next week. So, in the meantime, party on, dudes!