SeaWorld and Former Trainer Face off over 'Lies' and Dying Killer Whales Allegations

"I know what the truth is," the former trainer claims.

SeaWorld strikes back!

An ad from the company that's been under fire ever since the documentary Blackfish showed how killer whales allegedly suffer in captivity, has just been released.

The 2013 film resonated with the public, especially the part about a trainer who drowned when a killer whale dragged her under water.

SeaWorld’s overall attendance has declined by a million visitors and the company’s shares have dropped nearly 40%!

In the new ad, the company said, “Our killer whales see their doctors once a month."

The new ad campaign is intended to boost the image of SeaWorld. The company says in a statement: "There's been a lot of misinformation and even lies spread about SeaWorld, and we recognize that it has caused some people to have questions about the welfare of killer whales in human care. This long-term campaign will address those questions head on."

But just as SeaWorld’s campaign gets underway, former trainer John Hargrove is surfacing with a new book of damaging revelations called Beneath the Surface.

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander asked him, "What do you think of the latest SeaWorld ads?"

He replied, "I saw part of one, it was so ridiculous to me, I had to turn it off."

Hargrove resigned in 2012. He claims the public is oblivious to the plight of these magnificent creatures in captivity.

He said, "They don't understand that these whales are dying from diseases and illnesses that they don't die from in the wild. I know what the truth is and I know their needs are not met, despite what SeaWorld says."
Will SeaWorld’s new campaign sink or swim? Stay tuned.