Neighborhood Battle Brews After Dogs Maul Cat

The dogs' owner offered to throw the dead cat in the dumpster.

A horrifying video captured two dogs going after a neighbor's cat as their owner struggles with the leashes. Now it's open war between the neighbors.

"You saw the video, and you see that he initiates this whole act," the cat's owner told INSIDE EDITION.

The dog owner told INSIDE EDITION, "I hung on as hard as I could, you know, they're two 85 pound dogs," he replied.

Surveillance cameras captured everything that happened at the home of Janice and Lou Parra in Venice, California. Their cat is Sally.

In the video, you can see Sally somehow got onto the street.

Then their neighbor Jim Whitney can be seen walking his dogs on the other side of the street. Suddenly, they spot the cat. The two large animals haul their master across street. He tried to restrain them.

Another surveillance camera captures the drama from a different angle.

The dogs corner the cat and start to maul her. "Sally went and hid as far as she could to get away from those dogs," Sally's owner Janice said.

The cat did manage to escape and run across the street.

But the dogs did chase, again hauling their owner with them to the other side of the street. The mauling continues. This time, it's fatal.

After the dogs mauled and killed the cat, the owner of the dogs waited several minutes before picking her up by the back of the neck, walking her over to her front yard and dropping her off.

The cat's owner watched in shock.

Lou told INSIDE EDITION, "He said, 'If you want me to I can get rid of it for you, I can throw it in the dumpster.' My wife was just in tears at that moment."

Now, it's neighbor versus neighbor.

"He egged his dogs on to come across the street," Janice said.

But Whitney insists he was powerless to stop the dogs.

"It was a very ugly accident. I had my flip-flops on. I was skating, they were pulling me across the thing," he told INSIDE EDITION.

He added, "I was freaking out. I was punching my dogs on the head trying to get them to let go. But by that time it's too late."

Whitney is profusely apologizing for the attack, and said he meant no disrespect by the way he handled the cat's body. He also insisted his dogs are no threat to others.

"They're not vicious dogs at all, they love people, they love everything. But they prey for rodents and stuff. They're out of their minds," he explained to INSIDE EDITION.

Janice and Lou Parra said they're now afraid for their tiny Chihuahua, Daisy. She's actually smaller than their cat was.

"Now we walk her very carefully, we walk her behind our gate, we don't know." Janice said.

Neighbor versus neighbor after a heartbreaking attack.