Biological Mother Claims Rosie O'Donnell Took Her Baby Illegally

Did Rosie "buy" her daughter?

Rosie O’Donnell is living every adoptive parent’s worst nightmare.  

A 37-year-old woman named Deanna Micoley is coming forward claiming she is the biological mother of Rosie’s 17-year-old daughter, Chelsea.  

Micoley told The National Enquirer, “Rosie O’Donnell has my daughter. She took her.”  

Micoley is leveling a serious allegation. She says Rosie illegally adopted Chelsea back in 1997 when she was two months old. Micoley says she was high on drugs and Chelsea’s biological father put her up for adoption without her permission.

“l don't believe I signed my rights and if I did, I was under the influence and I never wanted to give my daughter up for adoption,” said Micoley.

Micoley says when she gave birth she named the baby Kayla. Rosie changed the name to Chelsea when the adoption went through.

She tells The National Enquirer she didn't even know Rosie was Chelsea’s adopted mother until Chelsea tracked her down last November and they began exchanging text messages.

Micoley claims, “I told Chelsea, 'Wow, your mom is Rosie O’Donnell!' and she's like 'LOL, yeah!' I really don't care about Rosie O’Donnell, it's my daughter that I was happy to be reunited with.”

She says Rosie at first encouraged her to start a relationship with Chelsea.

But pretty soon things turned bitter.

“U really should get ur facts before u text Chelsea all ur lies," went one Rosie text to the biological mother.

Micoley responded: “They are not lies!”   

Rosie replied: “Get any lawyers u want. It was all legal. Like it or not. Now stop.”

Last month, Micoley sent a handwritten letter:

“Dear Rosie,
I don't know how you sleep at night! You did the worst thing a woman could do to another woman.  You took my child.”

Micoley told the Enquirer, “She's rich. And she buys whatever she wants obviously.  She can even buy kids.  So she gets what she wants.”

These have been a rough few months for Rosie who left The View last month holding her two-year-old daughter, Dakota.

Rosie has five kids. Chelsea is her oldest daughter.

Rosie's spokesperson says in a statement to INSIDE EDITION: "It is awful that this woman decided to go public... Rosie LEGALLY adopted Chelsea ... As an advocate of adoption, Rosie is grateful to all birth mothers everywhere and she hopes that the National Enquirer did not pay this woman." [Source: Cindi Berger]

Micoley told the Enquirer, “I love my daughter. And I did not sign my daughter away.”