True Stories Behind 'Love Has No Labels' Skeletons

It's making people think about acceptance in a whole new way.

Over 47 million people have watched the "Love Has No Labels" viral video of people behind a giant X-ray screen appear as skeletons expressing their relationships, love and friendship.

When they reveal their outer selves as mixed-race couples, same-sex couples or people with disabilities, the message hits home that what we see on the outside shouldn’t matter so much.

Now, in a new behind-the-scenes video from Upworthy, we’re hearing the people who were in the campaign to promote acceptance tell their stories of friendships and relationships that were forged, despite their differences.

Nancy is a Christian priest, and Mona is a devout Hindu. Nancy believes in one God, while Mona believes in 36 million Gods. They both promote ladies as priests and call themselves soul sisters.


Two neighbors, a Jewish man from Israel and a Muslim man from Palestine call themselves friends, sing together and make each other coffee, humus and falafel.


The loving couple dancing with their child behind the X-ray screen are Jason and Anthony, a gay couple, who met in church nearly 10 years ago and are raising their son.


When ten-year-old Maddie Gray and her 8-year-old sister Sophie poked their heads around the X-ray screen to reveal that Maddie has Down syndrome, the crowd went wild. Sophie has naturally taken on the role of the older sister as they play together like any other kids.


Filling in the people behind the skeletons and their stories is making a lot of people think about acceptance, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability and more.